Real Accountability to the Word (R.A.W.)

The men's ministry of New City Church is for those men ready to exchange their problems for real solutions, which only comes from a real relationship and accountability with God.

Men Making a Difference in Today's World

Our motto of "Men Making a Difference in Today's World" is the central theme of our time spent together. The goal of our ministry is to create opportunities for the men of New City Church to become relational, transparent, and authentic on their journey with Christ. When men, of all ages, embrace the Word of God and each other, they will begin to make a difference in both their personal and public lives.

On the Horizon for 2019

All men ages 18 and older from both campuses meet throughout the year at one of the two campuses. Our meetings start at 10:00 a.m. and run until Noon. Our time is spent in fellowship, Bible study, and enjoying a lunch together. Check out the events section for exact dates, times, and topics.

Focus Topics for 2019 

* Personal Finances - 2019 and Beyond
* Becoming God's Man through Devotion and Prayer
* Marriage Success
* Fitness & Exercise
* Achieving Your Dream
* Serving the Father/Advancing the Kingdom
* Becoming a Godly Father - Raising Godly Children

CRAZY Fun Events for 2019 

Visit events for exact dates, times, and sign-up options.

* Whitewater Rafting at the Nantahala River 
* Annual Men's Advance (click HERE to view agenda)


Let’s all embrace what God is doing and live this year allowing God’s Kingdom to come through us. If you have any questions or would like to contact me, click on the email icon below my picture and send me a message.