Discovery Kids 

Your infants will experience a time of structured activities designed to cover the basics of human development and truths of God! Our nurseries are designed to provide parents with the peace of mind that their child will be well cared for by loving volunteers. This allows parents to have the opportunity to hear God's Word uninterrupted and their babies to learn lots about God too! We focus on one virtue, one verse, and one Bible story each month with lots of fun and play-time in between.


Your toddlers will experience a fun environment designed to teach our message: "Make Truth Stick" to our hearts.  through song,  scripture verses,  puppets, Bible stories, practical examples, prayer, and crafts. More time is devoted to lesson time and worship to help prepare your young ones as they grow and develop. 


Your older children will experience a time of worship and a message designed specifically for their age group.  Your student will learn biblical principles and gain an understanding of how to live the Christian life at home, school, and in real-life situations. Small group time, media, and drama are all components used to convey and teach God's Word.

Children's Ministry - 3 Zones (CM3)

During the current health crisis, CM3 meets in person on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at the Fairburn Campus and the 1st and 3rd Sundays at the PTC Campus. We will resume weekly in-person meetings once our volunteers are fully back. Until then, children are encouraged to attend the gatherings and sit with their families. We are providing fun activity bags for them to enjoy during the gatherings.

New City Church KIDS are "On a Quest for God" by learning how to "Make Truth Stick" where "Big Kids get to Know a Big God."

We are all about nurturing a relationship with God, our peers, and our loving volunteers. CM3 desires to see God's children make connections both spiritually (with His Word) and physically (with God's people). Our heart is to create and provide:

  • A safe, fun, learning environment that COMPELS each child/volunteer to grow in his/her relationship with God.
  • An avenue that helps each child/volunteer CONNECT (to join, link, and fasten together) spiritually with their heavenly Father, socially with their peers, and personally with their small group's all RELATIONAL!
  • A time of learning that will help parents RAISE spiritually mature children who know and believe that God is who He says He is and that He will do what He promises to do.

Target Groups

Each group strives to connect children with their Heavenly Father through worship, Bible stories, prayer, and interactive lessons. Click on any of the links in the adjacent menu to learn more.


Children go directly to classes upon arrival

All zones open 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each service. Each class is designed for safety inclusive of adult/child ratios and also incorporates engaging activities that promote learning. If this is your child's first visit to NCC, please come a few minutes early to complete a registration form or you can click the "Download Form" below and fill it out in advance.

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Fairburn Campus Classroom Locations

  • 6-weeks thru walking: downstairs near women's bathroom
  • Walking well thru 2-years old: downstairs, through main entrance toward women's bathroom, turn right at women's bathroom, follow hallway to classroom on left
  • Preschooler and Elementary: both located on 2nd floor

PTC Campus Classroom Locations

  • 6-weeks thru walking: near front entrance of building
  • Walking well thru 2-years old: use front entrance, walk down steps, turn right, first hallway to the left
  • Preschooler and Elementary: both located in the Commons Area

Check-in and Check-out Procedure

Based on our check-in system, each child and parent are assigned a matching numbered tag. If the parent is needed during the service, a CM3 Leader will first try to locate the parent visually. If they are unable to find the parent, the leader will ask the media department to flash the child's zone and number across the main sanctuary screen. Upon seeing the number, the parent should meet the CM3 Zone Leader in the foyer.

Check-In: Children MUST BE accompanied by an adult over the age of 17 in order to be checked-in.

  • The adult will write his/her name and the child's name on the appropriate sign-in sheet.
  • A matching numbered tag is then given, one to the child and one to the adult.
  • The child is escorted to his/her classroom by zone.
  • Children are NOT allowed to leave any zone without being checked-out.

Check-Out: Children MUST BE checked-out by an adult over the age of 17.

  • The adult must present the matching numbered tag at the check-in kiosk.
  • The adult then waits for their child's name to be called.
  • When the child arrives, teacher matches tags.
  • If tags match, the child is released.

*DiscoveryKids: adults MUST show a picture ID at check-in and check-out. The same adult checking in should be the same adult checking out unless otherwise noted in writing.

CM3 Building Evacuation

Please DO NOT proceed to the child's classroom. They can be found in the following designated areas: Fairburn Campus children are escorted to the playground and PTC Campus children to the grassy area in the front parking lot. They will remain there with CM3 Leaders to await the "all clear" call, at which time they will re-enter the building. At that point, dismissal will begin using the usual "matching tag" procedure.

If "all clear" call is not given, dismissal will take place at the designated areas using the usual "matching tag" procedure.

Please DO NOT try to retrieve a child until dismissal begins at which time dismissal protocol will be followed. This ensures the safety of each child and the sanity of each teacher.

Curriculum Used

  • DiscoveryKids uses a "downsized" version of guiKids.
  • guiKids is a virtue-based curriculum written "in-house."
  • GalaxyKids uses a multi-media driven curriculum in conjunction with small groups.

CM3 is a "volunteer" based ministry. Parents are encouraged to participate in the investment of their children and the children of NCC.

Children's Ministry Pastors