A Foundation For Your Unique Purpose In Life

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CityInterns (CI) is a Christian-based program that is helping young people "Live on Purpose." This program is aimed at equipping the NOW generation through biblical truth, as well as personal and professional development. CityInterns focuses on creating an experience where young people have a chance to identify their God-given gifts and align those gifts with their purpose.

CityInterns provides two different tracks designed to meet each individual's unique needs. Whether you are a high school or college student looking to be discipled and build a foundation in Christ, or you have graduated and need a year to discover your unique purpose, CityInterns has a place for you.

Core Values

Anchored in Christ
Grounded in Truth
Break the Mold
Aim Higher
Iron Sharpens Iron
Called to Serve

Mission Statement

The mission of CityInterns is to equip the now generation through biblical, personal, and professional development.

CityInterns 2019/2020 Program

Gap Year Experience

9 months | September 2019 to May 2020 | Ages 18-29

CI’s gap-year experience is an extensive discipleship and life-training program for post high school graduates who are seeking to grow spiritually, develop professionally, and build a foundation for their unique purpose. Whether your goal is to attend college or immediately pursue a career, our gap-year experience provides you with an opportunity to take a year to focus and prepare for what’s next. Participants of our Gap-Year Experience will learn what it means to be a servant leader, develop professional skills, engage in resume worthy experiences, and be appropriately trained for the future.

Applications and forms

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