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Align is a Christian-based, leadership program that helps young people live life on purpose. We believe when we are intentional with our lives, we become aligned with our calling.

The mission of Align is to equip and refocus the now generation through spiritual, personal and professional development opportunities. We focus on creating an experience where young people can identify their God-given gifts and align those gifts with their purpose. We believe by doing so, we adequately prepare young people to make a lasting impact in this world for Christ.

We offer two track options for young people trying to discover what's next. If you find yourself wanting a purposeful summer, preparing for college, exploring different career options or seeking guidance for the future, consider Align as part of our journey.

Core Values

Embrace Jesus First (Spiritually): We believe it is vital to embrace Jesus before anything, as it is the cornerstone to growth in all areas of life.

Build an Alliance (Relationally): We believe that we are called to "do life together." We are successful when we build allies who partner with us and support our individual purpose.

Confront the Culture (Society): We believe in being bold enough to live contrary to popular opinion. True leaders are fearless in challenging the status quo.

Continue to Grow (Leadership): We believe that spiritual and personal growth is a never-ending process. As we draw nearer to God, growth should be the by-product.

Impact the Word: Ministry is not just confined to a church environment. We can impact the world no matter where we are commissioned because the greatest calling we are given is to spread the Word of God.

Mission & Vision


The mission of Align is to equip and refocus the now generation through spiritual, personal and professional development opportunities.


Living on Purpose.

Align 2020/2021 Programs

Summer or Gap-Year Experience

SUMMER: 2 months | June 2020 to July 2020 | Ages 16-23 
GAP-YEAR: 9 months | September 2020 to May 2021 | Ages 18-29

Summer Experience
Align is still on this summer. Due to government recommendations and putting the safety of our students first, we will be modifying our typical experience by incorporating the following:

Virtual Classes
Virtual Discipleship Groups
Alumni Chats
Weekly Encouragements with the Align Director
Community Service Projects
Team Building Activities

Align's summer experience is a student-based discipleship and leadership program for high school students who want to give purpose to their summer. The primary focus of this program is to provide students with tools and experiences that strengthen their foundation and promote personal and spiritual growth.

GAP-Year Experience
Align's Gap-Year Experience is a discipleship and leadership program for post-high school graduates who are seeking to refocus and grow spiritually, develop professionally, and build a foundation for their unique calling. Our Gap-Year Experience will provide you with an opportunity to adequately prepare and intentionally build a foundation for the future.

Applications and forms

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PARENTS/GUARDIANS: click PARENTAL REFERENCE to complete the recommendation form. 

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