Reach Newnan

Reach Newnan

Daily, 12:00 AM

The city of Newnan is still staggering in the devastation left behind from the 03/26 tornado. Below are some ways that you can help NCC - Reach Newnan during this tragic time.


We are joining efforts with organizations that are already "boots on the ground" in Newnan. We believe we are stronger TOGETHER, so let's link arms with the local body of Christ and help REACH NEWNAN! We encourage you to check out & sign up to serve with one of the organizations listed below.


Organizations that have multiple volunteering opportunities:


Foundation Christian Church

@foundationnewnan (IG)

Foundation Christian Church (FB) 

Volunteer Opportunities: text "volunteer" to  678-661-6330 


GO Church

@mygochurch (IG)

GO Church (FB) 

*Volunteer opportunity updates posted on their socials. 


City of Newnan

@cityofnewnanga (IG)

City of Newnan (Government) (FB)

*Volunteer opportunity updates posted on their socials. 


As NCC continues to pray for those who have been impacted by the tornado, we encourage you to also initiate prayer groups within your friend circles/community. Pray together via zoom/conference call, meet up at a location, or set a prayer schedule. We believe in the power of prayer; let's Reach Newnan in every way possible. 


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